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VC-BASIC 30 Cubicles

WC-BASIC 30 is the basic type of hygiene and locker rooms partitions by STAMPA GROUP and designed with the characteristics:

•    High aisthetics
•    Place
•    High hygiene levels
•    Stability and durability

DESCRIPTION: W.C. and locker room STAMPA partitions, WC-VEST series, consisting of fixed panels and doors fitted in suspension or  aluminum profiles of high durability.

DIMENSIONS: Partition of total height of 2000 mm, available at width and depth of up to 1500 mm, with an opening from the ground of 150 mm.

BASIC-30: A) WALLS: Plank sections of 30 mm thickness spliced according to V 100 and DIN68763 with both side cladding of 0.8 mm thick melamin of dull surface. The waterproofing of the walls is achieved by the incorporation of a gasket made from PVC for covering the entire skirting. The entire construction bears a frame made from aluminum profile at all wall finishing (at walls but also at free ends). At the points where the design of the partitions or the needs of the application area anticipates a corner, a special oval profile 90 is fitted (for a more aesthetically and statically correct installation).

B) DOORS: A construction similar to the one of the walls of 600 mm thickness or and of specific dimensions. The waterproofing of the doors is achieved by incorporating a gasket made from hard PVC fitted on the entire skirting.

C) SUPPORTS: Aluminium cylindrical props made of steel painted with electrostatic paint of choice, with height adjustment for counterbalancing construction tolerances.

D) ALUMINUM PROFILE AND SUSPENSION: The thickness of the aluminum profile is 1.4 mm. The specifications of the aluminum alloy of the series is a heat-hardened workable A-GS (50S) alloy according to AFNOR (AlMgSi0.5) and DIN, the mean value of hardness is 76 BRINNELL (HB10) with breaking stress of 23 kp/mm2 and elongation of d50 = 6%. The profiles are painted with electrostatic oven paint ant the thickness of the paint is 80μm.
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