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X-RAY shielding gypsumboards

STAMPA produces customized lead products as

•    Lead lined  gypsum boards
•    Lead lined door frames
•    Lead lined doors

STAMPA gypsum board is laminated with lead sheet that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in rooms that require  special radiation protection. Dimensions available 1000x1200mm or 600x2200mm. Thickness 12,5mm.

The lead sheet specified Pb confirming to DIN 17640 and the sheet confirming to DIN 59610, thickness from 1,0 up to 4,0mm in distances of 0,5mm according to the radiation emitted.
In these special constructions the shielding of the runners with lead, before the installation of the gypsum board, is required. In order to secure the X-ray protection at the points of joints, the thickness of shielding has to be bigger or equal to the lead thickness of gypsum board. Moreover the armoring of electrical boxes is obtained from their installation in lead covers.
Due to these requirements of a place that has to be protected from the X-ray emitted, STAMPA offers also the following accessories

•    Lead lined strips 50mm width, up to 2500mm length and from 1.0mm up to 3,0mm  thickness.
•    Double side self-adhesive strips 50mm width.
•    Coverings for electrical boxes, dimension 100 48 240 or 310 or 385 made of lead thickness 3mm.

During installation the lead coated side of the gypsum board has to be installed from the side of suspension. The distance of the runners has to be carefully determined due to the big weight that occurs from lead covered panels. All the electrical facilities can be installed in between the armored walls. Finally special windows and shielded doors are installed on the standard wall dimensions


STAMPA leadline doors are constructed with aluminum profile of special shape  and include lead sheet in a range of thickness forming thus an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.
The finishing of doors is of laminate sheet and the total thickness is 46mm

The doors are combined with
•    Special un-pierce  lockers with eccentric holes to avoid radiation escape
•    Aluminium hinges suitable for the additional weight in a lead lined door


Leadline divided door frames, constructed of aluminium profiles, that can suit to various wall thickness. In the profiles we can place internally lead strips   providing thus radiation shielding and X-Ray protection.