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S-2000 Technical Characteristics

Light partition system, fully demountable to meet the changing  needs of professional and working areas. Composed of hidden or apparent aluminum profiles and sound reduction-hanged solid panels or glassed panels offer a complete elegant and modern solution.

Aluminum Profiles (Hidden)

Aluminum profiles designed and manufactured by STAMPA, used  as upper and lower haidrails. Aluminum alloy is thermo-hardened workable A-GS alloy (50S) by AFNOR (AIMgSi 0.5 in DIN), the average value or hardness is 76 BRINNELL with fracture tension of 23 kp/mm2 and percent elongation δ50 = 6.  The profiles are dyed with electrostatic furnace dye and the dye thickness is 110 μm.

The profiles are assembled  with special aluminum joint angle ALLOY AS-13 thickness 6mm of high strength, which  stabilizes the profiles without screws, in order to avoid holes on the profiles. This allows easy and fast relocation of the elements if required.

Melamine Panels

Melamine hanged solid panels, 16mm thickness, in various colors and finishes.
The perimeter of the panels is glued with PVC 1.5mm, in order to be protected from beating and humidity, and create a continuous flat  surface.

Wiring Capability

Special  design of profiles allows wiring to be inserted in any panel and location

Insulation Use

Special  design of profiles allows the use of insulating material, rock wool.

Sound Reduction

Measured sound reduction 45 dB.

Classed Panels

Glassed frames are available with single glass 10 - 12 mm thickness, double glass 10-12mm thickness
And Double glass 10-12mm thickness with Venetian blinds.
With easy – on sight installation  they offer the ideal solution when visual contact with staff and the feeling of open plan environment is required

Door units

Aluminum  Door Frames,  divided  Powder coated in wide range of colors  with Laminate doors  46mm thick covered with  Aluminium or PVC Frame.