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Technical characteristics of S1000 partition system

Light aluminum partitions with flexibility and adaptability to the varying needs of professional and working areas.

The construction of the partition suspension is made by a series of aluminum profiles, designed and manufactured by STAMPA.  The specifications of aluminum allow is thermo-hardened workable A-GS alloy (50S) by AFNOR (AIMgSi 0.5 in DIN), the average value or hardness is 76 BRINNELL with fracture tension of 23 kp/mm2 and percent elongation δ50 = 6.  The profiles are dyed with electrostatic furnace dye and the dye thickness is 110 μm.

Aluminum profiles

The cross-sections of the main profile used for piles and crossbeams are 60 x 40 x 1.4 mm, and the ones for the perimeter main profile are 60 x 40 x 1.4 mm.

The connection between the profiles is made with a special connection angle by an aluminum alloy AS-13 of high strength with a thickness of 6 mm which stabilizes, with the use of a simple cross-shape screwdriver, while the main profiles are connected between them with a special small blade, avoiding thus the opening of holes opening on the profiles. The wire pipes of the electrical installations can be placed in the interval space of the basic profiles.

The fixation of the filling materials in the main skeleton of the partitions is made with clasping butt straps (laths) whose type is selected on a case by case basis, depending on the thickness of the filling material used.  These thickness may be from 3 mm up to 50 mm and with the application of special butt strap up to 70 mm.

There are also profiles for corner connections of the construction in 90º and 135º, casing for pressed blind heat and sound -insulating doors with aluminum margin in dimensions chosen by the customer as well as casing for a door made of aluminum profile with filling material of thickness up to 8 mm, blind or not.

As a filling material of blind points, panels are produced with a thickness of 48 mm made of

  • double MDF 4 mm coated with vinyl 0,4 mm thick, with behavior against fire according to the CLASS I BS 476 standards, and with particular durability against chemical household cleaning products and in-between filled with tumescent polystyrene (styrofoam) 40 mm thick.
  • panel with the same total thickness of 48 mm but having white melamine 8 mm thick as the visible coating material and the same insulating material (styrofoam) 32 mm thick or
  • panel of colored laminate (formica) 4 mm thick as a visible material, applied on MDF 4 mm thick and the same insulating material (styrofoam) 32 mm thick.

There is the capability of applying internal venetian blinds between the two single glasses with a total thickness of 48 mm.  For the proper operation of the blinds a special aluminum profile has been designed applied as a blind guide.  The movement of the blinds is rotating and is curried out through an ergonomic button.  The venetian blinds having a width of 16 mm or 25 mm made of aluminum have undergone a thermal process named “Thermofor” as well as galvanization in furnace and have the maximum strength against wearing and deformations.  The distance between the blades is 20 mm and contributes to the better closing of the blinds and to the complete covering of the area.  The lower guide is of a closed-type one, made of aluminum so that curves are avoided during the utilization of the blinds.  The application of a special profile ensures, where required, the tightness of the construction with internal blind with the use of double standard glass instead of a single one.